Friday, 6 January 2017

Asif Habib: A Successful Business Magnate

Asif Habib is an entrepreneur and has over three decades of experience in starting and operating businesses. He has expertise in real estate and brand development, turnaround and retailing business cases etc. He has offered his strategic and visionary expertise in high-flying projects in Canada, Europe and UAE. He has even served as a board member in many businesses and offered his strategic and operational experience.

He is the board member and works as a shareholder for Glorei, Global Omani Development & Investment Co, Mini Monsters, Horizon Islands Ltd, Madisons Capital Partners etc.

The real estate projects of Glorei, Global Omani Development & Investment Co. include commercial, hospitality, industrial, mix use, residential, retail, etc. Some of the notable projects of this company are Al Khuwair Building Maktabi Al Khuwair-Business centers; Grand Millennium, Muscat; Maktabi Al Watiyah – commercial, real estate, etc. He is the shareholder of Horizon Islands Ltd. Asif Habib is also a significant shareholder and board member of Power Play. This was a prime destination for playing football in Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the year 2011. He exited this business after a span of 5 years.

He is a significant shareholder for Mini Monsters, which is a business created to bring the café, play area and the party rooms together. This business has been developed into a franchise model for the next couple of years. Mini Monsters offer a toddler zone in the soft play area and party room for children activities and birthday parties. The new venture is for children between 0 to 6 years of age.

Madisons Capital Partners was established for managing the Al Ghazal Golf Club. This is among the oldest golf clubs owned by the Abu Dhabi government in UAE. Under the leadership of Asif Habib, initiatives were implemented to regain the commercial viability of the business of Madison and the club’s revenue increased by about 90%, transforming it into a profitable venture.

He played a vital role in setting up the restaurant of international standard, Mulligans and the Korean restaurant Madang. These are the popular restaurants of Abu Dhabi and occupy a topmost position in Zomato.

He acts as the advisor of the board to Dr. Andree Roberge for the commercialization of the “Blood Sample Analysis Technology.” This is a patented technology that would be able to diagnose about 1200 pathologies by the analysis at a “Nano Technology Level.” They want to set up the headquarters in Dubai and launch the project in UAE. Discussions are in progress for the same with the Dubai-based institute.

He is also the sole person to take the initiative of the Dubai-based consortium to supply the neuro-supplements to market. Distribution agreements for the same are signed for Middle East, Europe, Iran, Africa, India, etc.

He is the prime shareholder of the SPV holding and holds about 100% ownership to the prime land of RAK in UAE that is about 20,000 Sq. mt. He acts as the CEO and the major shareholder for establishing one-of-a-kind boutique hotels, such as “Ireland in the Sun” in Dubai. The company awaits permission from the UAE government on connectivity and infrastructure development. With improved conditions, the company would benefit from positive movement of this development.